Friday, January 09, 2009

~Status change~ *mystery revealed*

After a long rest from blogging, I am going to be on hiatus stats again due to my recent tight schedule. Freeing myself from all stuff as I will soon be going to a camp. Yeah... I'm attending a camp. Although the camp will be held in the campus itself but still there is still relatively far from my dorm. Looking forward for the camp as I has never attended a camping as a participator myself as I am always the one who assist in organizing camping activities. In fact personally I think that being a participator would be much more easier than being a committee members. As a committee members there are quite a bunch of stuff that we have to do and the jobs were endless. Work even when the participators were resting. 

Still remember there was once that we had to prepare for a dance during camping. I was really having a hard time as I am a dancing idiot. I don't dance but for the sake of 'fun' I was in the training session with the rest of my friends. If not mistaken it was freestyle that we dance. Funny scene still flash over my minds when I think of this matter. As I am one of the lousiest and slow learner "dancer" there, I was having a lot of catatonic movement and it was really sucks... After the dance, we will go for a swim even I do not swim. SO, what I do was just playing along the side of the pool. 

Back to my varsity life, I am currently in my second semester and things doesn't goes on quite well and my time management was so so so so f**king bad. Wasting more time than usual and I seem to be lost in my path of pursuing dreams. Becoming more lazy day by day as I was like lost in determination. :-(

Just hope I can be able to get back on my track  ASAP. Sincerely hope not to waste more time now. 

Turning 21 in just a week time. So I got can finally get my birthday wishes soon. Quite depress though as I don't think I will be able to celebrating with the rest as all of them was busy for the activities they joined. What a lonely birthday again... Probably will be celebrating for it virtually and verbally. 

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