Saturday, January 24, 2009

Way back home

Has been quite some time I didn't publish any post. These few days was utterly busy for me as there are too many activities going on. Lots of assignment and works to do. I have even become a waiter once again...Hah... 

This time as my college's Ang Pau Celebration (PAP) celebration, we have to serve the guests as we were having steamboat for the celebration. Well, of course I am not the one who enjoy steamboat that day but truly desire to get a mouth of the porridge. Forget to mention that the steamboat was in bi-soup style. One side with tom yam soup and another side with "porridge". Yea, truly it was porridge.

That day was quite fun as all members who are having birthday on January were called to the stage and celebrate birthday together. Fun right? Obviously, I am one of them. The cake was really delicious but I simply forgot to take the picture of the cake. Haiz...


Yesterday, I finally have chances to get home and here I am now. Also, something happened on my way home. Haha... Actually not me but the others who are going back to their hometown. At around 9p.m., I had seen a very very long traffics and it stretches to around 3km long. OMG... It was really scary as the cars seem not to be moving and it's getting longer and longer. Really pity on those who are on their way home but still felt happy for them as they will be at their hometown sooner and later. 

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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