Sunday, February 01, 2009

A sad sad year

All of a sudden, it's the seventh day of Chinese New Year and I am sure this year is way too different from all the CNY in the past. The feeling for the celebration was not very obvious and in fact everyone was surrounded by a massive pressure aura. This aura surely a cause for the not very happy celebration this year. Now lets make a comparison for the past CNY and present CNY.


We can feel the celebration coming even a month ago. Everyone was busy decorating their house and preparing for the visiting gift. Usually, the house will look like a mess with all sort of sweets, drinks and fruits (eps. oranges). Adults will organize their time for the trips and even try to sort out what they wanna have for the reunion meal. During new year's eve, people will usually gathered around and had a very noisy but happy meal. After the meal, it's 'ANG PAU" time. Adults or any Weds couple will giving away red packet to all unwed and children. The house will be so crowded and every second was filled with pleasure. Although tired, no one has ever complaint. On the eve, all children will be staying overnight as though as praying and blessing their parents to have longevity life.


The feeling is gone. No more having the feeling for awaiting for the celebration to take place. The celebration atmosphere was so thin that I can't even felt it. Seem like nobody interested in celebrating the festival. Maybe the economic crisis has been pressurized on everyones' shoulder and in the end the atmosphere of the festival and the meaning of it was gone. This is a sad thing as we are like forgetting on our culture.

p/s: More updates to come.

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