Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spiritual Walk

Walking down the road, I have been thinking for a long time. Especially on the valentine evening when I'm feeling quite uneasy with myself and decided to stop by Kajang and walk through the whole town. It was a quiet evening and I have been thinking a lot. In fact, I had thought of too many things that happened to me before and what I am going to do in the future. This walk had make me grow a lot and I realise what i am doing all along is wrong. so, it can be called as my spiritual walk.

This is all start with the walk around kuala Lumpur area on the valentine's day. Right after the class, I went to the KTM station and met my friends and went to Berjaya Time Square.Then I heard that her friends are busy so will be joining us quite late. That means we were down to two. Obviously, people will thought she and me were lover and we are going for dating but in fact, she was already attached and as we were so lonely in the campus, getting out for breath would be the best choice. Surely, the moment we reach Berjaya Time Square, our mind only focusing on searching for food as both our tummy were rumbling so loudly. After the lunch, we set off for our shopping bazaar. We were there to search for the so called contemporary Batik shirt.

As we walk from shop to shop, the shop owner were all asking us to buy paired lover shirt. After we past by each shop, we will say "No need! we are not lover to ourself." It was quite hilarious though. We then change venue to Sungai Wang and she got her clothes at last but poor me, I got nothing as it was really hard to find a batik which was fashionable or good looking at least for a guy. Her leg was really tired as she was wearing high-heels. So this teach us not to wear high-heels while shopping as it would surely be a torment for girls. Before getting out form Sungai Wang, I finally got something for myself and this would be my secret as it was a privacy product. If you are clever, then surely you will know what I had bought on that day.

Going back to Berjaya Time Square once again. This time we are queing for the "FREE" ice-cream. Yes, its free. We got to eat TWO CORNETTOs each for free. The ice-cream was so delicious that I had done with it while on the way to the monorail and there is where we part. In another scene, while waiting for the KTM to arrive, I met the 'teacher' from KBH. She was actually a friend of mine whom got to know in the Lantern Festive's board. We are both under the same department and sweat a lot for it but decided to let the effort end by not going for any post for the board. I start to think where should I drop off~ UKM or Kajang. In the end, I have chosen Kajang. As I'm unfamiliar with the place, I had choose to walk to the right side from the entrance of the KTM which would be the wrong direction. Walking past by the houses and I am wondering why am I doing this for. Walking to the wrong side for quite some times and I realise I have to do something or else I would be lost in Kajang district. With my courages, I started to walk back the route taken but this time using the main route. In the end, I end up walking past a field where wild dogs live. As I walk by, the dogs were chasing me and bark like hell and this was surely my most scariest moment through out my entire life. My mind was in total blank and only thinking of walking away as calm and as fast as possible to avoid from being bitten by those stray dogs. After that, I felt my brain was so blank and I can even felt the cold in it. Shivering happens inside my head and I can do nothing to ease the feeling.

After the one and a half hour of walk, I have finally arrive at the Metro Kajang, walking for a sec and I was ready to went back to my college. The bus waiting was also very time consuming as I have wait for about an hour before the bus arrive. After reaching, I got the enthusium to do my assignment but as my laptop was out of order I was forced to borrow one from my friend. Through out the night, I have been doing all the crazy stuff and finally on the second day, I had done my work but caught in flu again.

That is all about my "Spiritual Walk"

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