Friday, March 06, 2009


  • Sometime, I have been thinking of my future route.
  • Sometime, I have been thinking on what I am doing for that particular moment.
  • Sometime, I am thinking on something that would never happen.
  • Sometime, I regretting too much on what I have done.
  • Sometime, I hope to be alone and quiet.
  • Sometime, I like to join my friends even though there is hardly any conversation.
  • Sometime, I wanted to sleep so much and then insomnia.
  • Sometime, I wish I doesn't exist in the world.
  • Sometime, I am so lazy that I do not even want to open my eyes.
  • Sometime, I am hurting myself physically and mentally.
  • Sometime, I am having internal monolog. ( as what happen now)
  • Sometime, I am playful but being ignored.
  • Sometime, I do not organize all the things I got.
  • Sometime, I boast a lot.
  • Sometime, I don't feel like talking to people.
  • Sometime, I am too addicted to internet.
  • Sometime, making myself busy is the best way to forget about another thing.
  • Sometime, I felt depress on an undone mission.
  • Sometime, I only talk to GIRLS.
  • Sometime, bickering with people is what I do.
  • Sometime, I would like to talk to somebody but there is nobody to talk to.
  • Sometime, I would devote myself in blogging.
  • Sometime, even when I know it's wrong, I would step into it.
  • Sometime, I would leave a very bad impression toward others.
  • Sometime, I will be calculation on my daily expenses.
  • Sometime, I felt just want to tease others.
  • Sometime, I would do some crazy stuff when bored.
  • Sometime, being myself is the worst idea.
  • Sometime, bluffing is another way to hide the truth.
  • Sometime,.................

There are a lot of sometimes in our life. It just depend on how we deal with the problem. As a problem created if not settled, will extend to another problem and making the situation more complicated and more entangling.

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