Friday, March 20, 2009

The whole damn shit...

Has been some time since I update my blog. I have been so busy all week but it seem like I have done nothing. It was just like all my efforts were wasted. Actually, I have no idea on what I am doing all along as I started to sleep very very late ; ~4 a.m. everyday. In addition last few weeks were having mid semester exam so I was in a nervous state since then. I can no longer maintain my cool and more prone to act lazily. Sometime I am wondering why am I changing so much but the more I think the more crazy I went. I have become a fanatic and this would surely an evolution in me. Also, I started to experience the decrease of my intellectual levels. My brain seem to not functioning in good condition and I was so so lacking of concentration.

In this week also, the results are out for some of the mid semester exam and surprisingly I was push down to the bottom pit. This also means that my feeling was bottomed down. The kind of depress is what make me felt more restless and uneasy. Actually for microbiology, I have done so many revision and can be able to answer the exam question well. Just maybe there are some errors but when the result was out, this really started me. It was really hard for me to accept the reality of getting such poor result in microbiology. It was getting more weird as the paper was in MCQ form and there are a lot of people who got an "E" for the paper. Back to me, I have done some checking and found that I got less errors. Out of 50 questions, there should be only about 10 errors but it come out to be a "C" for me. Shit man... I am really unable to accept the fact that I got this kind of result even I done less errors in this paper compared to the other papers.

In the mean time, my time was tied to the college's annual activities. What the heck!!! The rehearsal started at 10 p.m continuously for 2 days and I was forced to be there as a crew and as a protocols. The rehearse end up to end by 2 a.m and worser yesterday as it end at 3 p.m. This life... This make me felt so tired everyday and unable to wake up early for my class. Today, I even missed my class as I was unable to woke up. The class start at 9 a.m but I only be able to awake by 9.30 a.m. This is not the first time anymore. I missed all my morning class if I overslept and this all was me to be blame of. Lacking of determination to wake of course.

Just hope that everything will goes out fine and I would be able to get what I wanted. Finger cross...

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