Saturday, May 02, 2009

Exam summarization (The 6th)

Time really pass...
Today, I will be sitting for my second final paper which is BSMM II. The exam for this semester are all very tough and challenging. The lazy me who has not been studying from the beginning of the semester is really suffering a lot during the exam. As I do not have a very good foundation in what I'm studying right now, all this was just like a smoke for me (unapproachable). Starting the exam week with Analytical Chemistry which is a killer subject for me. Sincerely said, I have no idea what is all about in Analytical Chemistry until the moment before I sat for it. Maybe it is due to my upmost laziness that I do not understand the lecture taught by lecturer. Frankly, I have not been study during the study week. The activities I have done is online, gaming, eating and sleeping for the whole week but only with a little reading and exercise doing. I should be shamed on myself as some of my friends were striving so hard during the week, some were back for replacement class though but I am playing all day long. During that time, I lost myself to my dignity for to some extend as I found myself in a fallen state. I have been in a lost situation where I have no idea what to do for that time (lost my aims in study).

On the second day of exam, which is Biodiversity, all my friends said is easier but to me, this is as tough as the mid semester. I have not enough time to venture well in this subject and hence this had become a nightmare for me. The question seem so familiar but I couldn't provide the answer accurately.

Then on the third examination day, I was sitting for Microcomputer and Technology Information. Initially I thought that this subject doesn't require much reading but this prove me wrong. After the BioD exam, I have been memorizing the notes like hell. Whilst expecting for easier question I never expect the question could be this detail. The degree of detailness is shocking. In the allocated time, we have to answer 75 question ( if not mistaken~ correct me if I does mistaken). Before the exam, I was hoping to get out from the exam hall after 30 mins but I couldn't. In this paper, I only can be able to answer about 70% of the question correctly whereas the other 30% was just simply answer (normally will not answer correctly).

The forth examination day, I was sitting for Physical Chemistry. This is a MCQ paper which only comprise of 40 questions but I was having a hard time as I have just slept for bout 2 hours the day before exam. Stayed overnight to revise and review all the notes. I can say that, the paper was okay for me even though I can barely answer more than half of the paper (means that I have been choosing blindly). The other who has been revise diligently say that the paper is very easy as all the answer can be counted(which I can't).

Then, it's the fifth day of my exam. That day I have to sit for 2 subject, Cell Biology and Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS). The day before was really tension as I have been studying all the stuff back for the whole night. My roommate was also having exam in the morning so he also been accompanied me all night long (study together lar). Revise cell biology until 5 a.m. and then rest for a while to watch the show that I have downloaded. After the show, my roommate collapse on his bed while I still awake and read through the book of Islamic and Asian civilizations. It doesn't took long and I collapsed too. Woke up at 7:40 a.m. and shock my roommate up. We both rush like hell but luckily Foo Kit fetch me to the exam venue that save my life. I admit that I do not do well for the paper but thanks for the effort I done in the night time, I can do most of the questions. After the paper, there are only about 4 hours before the next paper which is the Islamic and Asian civilizations. According to the custom, this is the easiest paper as most of the question originate from the past-years paper but everything is different when I flip up the paper. There are only about 6 past-years and the other questions were all innovative questions from the past-years and new yet creative questions.

Now, I will be going for my next paper which will be on 10:30 a.m. For this paper, I stayed awake till now in order to read the notes and read through the tips that I got. While studying, I have been playing the game in Facebook (Chain RXN) which I eventually got the highest score among my pals. #Benjamin just got a new high score of 72,050,700 points in a game of Chain Rxn.# This score was also listed in the top 100. I am so proud of myself to even get this score. =D

Hope that I can get at least a B for all the paper which I have no confidence but A for all those that I have mastered. Pray for me...

Wish me luck!!! ^^

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