Saturday, May 23, 2009


Yesterday, we, the three trios, KK, Long and me went to KL for servicing laptop and then went for K-singing. Happens that we are not very lucky as the moment we went to the cinema theatre, the nearest show is about 4:20 p.m. and we change our mind to Karaoke and thus we went to Sungai Wang hoping there's a availability of room in GreenBox but they told us the earliest is at 5 p.m. Gosh... this is a bit damn too late man... We then shift to Low Yat for Red box and luckily there's room. A medium size room for the three of us and as it's been a long time since we last sing K, especially for Long, we sung like there's nobody else. However, the current suddenly flicked off and spoilt our mood. This continues for about 2 more times but we still tried to enjoy and releasing all our stress there. It was fun but after we left, bad things happen. I was getting fed up after receiving a call from Eddie. What the FUCK is all this? I really hate last minute works man. Why inform me on the water preparing the day before the activities and not informing the EXEC? I am not the EXEC for the Secretariat and HELL NO for me to be one...

WHY don't you all inform HIM and let HIM do but inform me instead? Fucking idiots...
Even the container have to depend on me to take from the cafe while in fact HE just live in that college. Just what is matter with you? Don't force me to do something uneasy on you... DON'T YOU EVER DARE ME... I WILL SURE MAKE YOU SUFFERS LIVE WORST THAN DEATH!!!

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