Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In sense of Communication!!!

I really have no idea what to do today as I am really blurred! There are indeed some problem regarding to our communication as the messages that were supposed to be passed down doesn't seem to be passing down and this has stall down the whole plan. Some minute detail is very important for me as I am those kind of person who live off with detail. Without those detail, I really have no idea on what I gonna do next. In addition, whenever there are questions, your answer would always be "I got class till night la... Can you try to settle it?". Do you know that we throw questions because we have no idea what to do with it and how to settle it and this reply really disappoint me a lot. We do understand that you have class and you're quite busy with all those labs and project but this doesn't means that you can make it an excuse for not showing up and do what you should really do. This is a matter of responsibility and we do not expect much from you to be there 24/7. What we want from you is your least bit of commitment as an executive. You know what, the three of us are about to fall sick due to your irresponsibility and selfishness. There is a major problem here need to be solved and ask yourself why others from engineering faculty and appear there at least an hour or so a day but you don't. Sure there is lunch break right? I will not accept that there is no lunch break at all as UKM has done surveys and act according to the results. There are no class at all at certain time and that is when you should try to make yourself available and do your work. Hope you can be more considering!!!

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