Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trip trop trap!!! 1

Out of a sudden, I am back from Terengganu as the end of my another camping. Indeed, I have travelled for so many place during these two months. Whilst the other were having class and exam for their third semester and some of those were having pre-practical, I have travelled from the south to the north of Peninsular of Malaysia. Since the beginning of the month of May, I have been to Jerantut, Pahang for Kursus Kepimpinan Kerjaya (KKK) which is for the committee members of Convocation Festival. That is a 3 days 2 nights course which is quite carefree as we were given 6 meals a day and he time allocation were quite loose. However, the room was stuffy and filed with bugs. In the course, I got to know a lot of new figure and more importantly the ties between us, the committee members, have grown stronger. We were sleeping in a room of 16 and we actually shift the mattress to the floor as the condition in the room is really hot and stuffy. I do admit that it was cool in night time but night is filled with ants and mosquitoes. We reach back to UKM at about night time but I does not felt sleepy and stayed until 5 am before I can finally sleep.

So, the next stop was at The Legendary Gunung Ledang. It was a one day trip that we travelled to two different place. As for this trip, as we were told to gather by 4 am in the morning, my friends and I have stayed awake all along as we scared might not be able to wake up by 3 am. As we reach by 4 am, there were still a lot of them who were late. This stall back our activities as the bus has already waiting for us. Setting off around 5 am and I straightly fall asleep. After an hour travelling, the bus stop by for us to have our breakfast but some people including me left in the bus as we were too tired after venturing for the whole night without resting our bodies. Soon after I awoke, we are nearby the trip's first stop, Gunung Ledang. Reaching there by around 8 am and straightly we start our activities of the day.

to be continued....

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