Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trip trop trap!!! 2

Back to Gunung Ledang, we start our activities by dividing ourself into groups which were already divided before the trip. Starting with explore-race and we have to make a symbolic item using branches with meanings before getting our second clue. We have made a pyramid shape with branches and successfully got out second clues. Time pass as we play the game and we reach the destination stop forth but as we have been tricked by the facilitator of the game, we got second runner up in the race. As the game finish, the second game take place. We have to find as many sweets as possible to win the competition. Unfortunately, our group can only be able to get 4 sweets while the other groups got more than we do. The champion got 5o sweets and first runner up got around 40 (I have forgotten the actual amount). The games end and we were given time to enjoy the spring water there. The water were indeed cold and there were a lot of people went there just to soak themselves into the water. My friends and I have climbed up to get a nicer view and while climbing, we soak our feet into the icy cold water. It was indeed refreshing and cool. In addition, the view there were marvelous but sadly we didn't bring our camera along the climbing.

A short while later, I went down there to meet with seniors who were still in the water. I went down sitting on a rock there and start playing with the water. The seniors keep asking me to join them in the water but I didn't but I splashed on them. Who knows that I was the one who get splashed till soaked out. They were already wet so as I splash on them, they splash more towards me. My whole body is now wet except my left sleeve. Playing for a short while and it's time to bath. The bathroom is very uncomfortable with the smells plus the water is very small. We have to fill the water first before having bath but we just make our body felt cleaner as we does not apply soap or shampoo on. Simply let the cold water flow through our body and cool down the entire body. After the bath, we went down to the entrance and wait for the rest for lunch. For god sake, it start raining a short while after we reach the entrance. We waited there for about half an hour before the rain stop and called for our lunch. We got ourself a pack of lunch and a packet of syrup. As the bus is going to move, we have no choice to wait for lunch intake again. This time we eat at a stop around the borders of Johor state. The bus was setting off to Malacca City then.

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