Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sea of desperation

Time has change and now I can no longer be able to produce longer post...

I have no idea why this happen but I am clearly aware that my time is bind by all sort of activities. Since the day I start to reach my step out from first year, my life has totally change. I am starting to be not me anymore! Don't ever ask me why as I can't provide you the actual answer as I am still clueless what made the change in me. However, the laziness degree still does exist and never ever cease. Right now, I am doing everything as thought that matter is my blind spot. I can't think rationally and often get kick out of the topic. As for this, I notice that I have been drifting more further away than thee. The feeling of despair is onset again for another full blast blow in me. Maybe this might be the last of me and will not appearing again but I will try to make sure this will not happen. Even if it does happen, I promise not to be dangerously act.

Time passes, traces gone. The only thing that left behind is bad memories. Good memories somehow does not stay in my mind for long as I will start to jump into the sea of desperation again. The feeling of "D" and "L" will always be there and is always complementary exist as a whole. Diving into the sea of desperation will not drown me but eventually my characteristic will shift once again.

Latest symptoms:
1. Less sociable
2. Don't feel like talking
3. Can't focus
4. Despair
5. Down
6. Masking daytime
7. Negative thought
8. Don't feel like doing anything
9. Mood swing (high amplitude)
10. Criticizing

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