Saturday, July 25, 2009


Remembering the past life is so entertaining and fun. Everyday is filled with different activities. As a participant of a spectators, I rarely do anything. Enable to take part in it make me felt good but good days don't last long. Time frame shifted and I am now in second year where I'm no longer able to become a participant but a committee for some projects. Full commitment is required for the success of thy project. However the more I do, the more I tried to escape. Tonne of burden carried on my shoulder and now I have to weight on which is more heavy and decide on discarding on the heaviness. Can there be a ever ending galactic for me? I need it so much that I wanna do nothing and lie down peacefully there.

The mood for all this is over and I have nothing to venture. The blast of entertainment has no longer interest me and only freedom that I yearn interested me. However, the freedom is no longer available for me. The older I age, the less freedom I can enjoy. I don't want to be left alone in my own space. I need spaces to breath some more. Could anyone bring in the space for me so I can enjoy my breath and not holding my breath till so tired.

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