Monday, September 07, 2009

Out of nothing... all comes in and out!

From all the mid-sem trials, I starting to transform myself. Trying so hard this sem and should be worth if my result can be able to up for a higher levels. Why the heck do I have to stay awakes every single night before the test and burning mid-night oils? Yesterday, I went for one of the major yet killing subject exam and guess what, I stay awake again trying to squeeze all the information into my little brain but yet to success. My heart also staring to pump abnormally again and this really freaks me out. I have no idea how long can I live so far but hopefully my heart won't fail me. As predicted, I should be able to live pass the retirement limit of Malaysia. Should believe more in my palm reading skills as it really does changes some peoples fate and destiny in life pursuing. During the exam, I almost doze off and I force myself so hard that I can stay awake. This kinda of event has been happened for several times and if this goes on, surely I will collapses even before my brain cells reaches it's limit. Carefree Monday here and I am left with nothing special to do but to do my practical reports and prepare for Application of computer in Science and Technology aka Programming C. This is a very weird subject for me as I have no programing talent in me. Even there is a class for us to practice on it, frankly said, my problem is that I don't even understand it at all. Trying hard for it but what left with me is just the basic web scripting skills I obtained by myself a few years ago. I have no idea how to create or amend programs though. This might be a subject that sent me straight to doom. Can I survive this? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am very happy and proud of my juniors as they really gives all out during the faculty night of Life Science. They actually did a splendid job than we do last year. However, I couldn't attend as my paper on Sunday is really heavy. Heard they have utmost fun there and kinda envious of then taking thousands of pictures. haha...
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