Friday, September 04, 2009

Sick cat on the go... I am SICK again...

Waking up in the morning and I can already sense that there is amiss with me. The longer the time, the serious I am. I am wondering what happened till after I brushes my teeth. The flu virus in my body is mutating again. This time, the symptoms which so much similar to the last few time resurfaced again. I am getting out of nerve as this makes me suffer a damn lot. Sneezing for several times in a rows ( usually 7 times) and continuously every few minutes. I can feel that my lungs were as if being sneezed out and this really a torture. 

Sneezing for a full day long and Joanne says her voodoo works. ( Do you performed voodoo? I never know your a witch... fast fast reveals your true identity and let me get the head news! Sure will make me striking rich... haha...joking!!! :P) Is there any cure for me?  I don't wanna sneeze every month and even before exam. This really freak me out. Wondering how am I going to concentrate for the exam on Sunday now. 

Sneezing is really hard for me though. It was like killing me and I revived again. So if like this, I have already gone through thousands of life cycle. (haha... this is just assumption) Sneezing for so long makes me felt hungry easily as suppose that my whole body is moving. When sneezing, the whole mucle on the chest is moving. Not only internal, the facial muscles are all moving so fast. As if, I am exercising while resting. Even in cold and freezing lecture hall, I can sweat as I sneeze. So this proves that the metabolism is high for the muscle tissues as they are moving so abruptly and fast.


佩雯 said...

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Benjamin said... also sick cat ma...
ur sick chick...lolx

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