Monday, October 26, 2009

Exam day 1

Today is the first day of my exam and I really felt stress this semester...really!!!
I couldn't believe that I can ever felt pressure even weeks before the exam started and begin to study like never before. Maybe that my mind is made and this is just too freaking me out. Tune in quite early yesterday after the medication and just before waking up, I had a dream again. In the dream, I was studying for the same thing again but well, I knew it was dream anyway. What I read in the dreams is just the same in the real life. I was studying so intensely and nothing much went into my little brain.

A moment later, I met a pair of married couple who were supposed to be in their 50s and what makes me happy is I was actually studying in my room. The room I meant is my own sweet room and not the sulkiest and crappy room in the lousy yet getting more expensive hostel. Also, there were children around. We were actually playing and me playing cum studying or just memorizing in fact. Then the uncle bring me around with his van. He brought me to somewhere that I am not familiar with and he start asking questions. I was STUNNED!!! He actually ask me questions on the paper I am taking in the evening and initially I could not really up to his questions. Tried hard to think back the answers for the questions and he is asking more and more quickly and I am able to answer his question well and at least fast enough. After several minutes, he say he wanna leave for a while and out of some moments, he drove a bus and appears in front of me. A bus which was purple in colour and sparkling and look superb luxury. Went into the bus and he said wanna wait for another to ride in. Maybe there are others who were lost in the dream and he is the guide who is guiding we all back to our main road.

Then I woke up. Doing extraneous works and did not even touch my notes for the whole morning. Then when I reach library in the noon and starts my revision, what the guy ask in the dream actually just make sense. He ask me according to the sequences of my notes and miraculously I remembered most of them but the memory of these crappy stuff were still crumple together.

Never did I expected that some of the questions asked by the dream guy was in the paper as well. Only a few questions is spotted right on. However I am damn hating myself as I actually mixed the solution parts. Why am I explaining the whole damn Solution II and Solution III as the questions ask on Solution I and II. So dammit!!!

Forgotten about GuCl and the whole question 8 which is on the nick translation and 5' termini labelling process. So regret didn't arrange all the data in my mind well and at last this is what I cauze to myself. The feeling of regretting and rejection is so strong in me that I could hardly explain myself. Well, today has pass and will be welcoming tomorrow with a new feeling. Hope no more regressa!!!

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