Saturday, November 07, 2009

Nothing about a meal a day

Something weird is happening to me again... I have no idea why but this is just not right. As I am having gastritis and now allergic to several kinds of food, this shouldn't be happening at all.

Having a meal a day for around 5 days till now and this is just madness. I couldn't imagine what going to happen next but I am certain that this will kill me. However, I just couldn't make myself go for my dinner of breakfast. Skipping all my dinner since Tuesday and I don't even felt hungry at all. Weird right?

This all starts with the week study week. I am terrible sick and out of a sudden, the rashes is back again. I have no idea what am I allergic of as I am having almost the same dishes for all my meals everyday. Maybe is due to bugs again. Then in 5 days time, I went to the health care centre twice and the second time, I went for injection. Due to the same problem, I have took 3 dose of injection. 2 dose 5mL and a dose of 10mL drug. The itchiness just don't go away and the rashes just keep popping out day by day. This making me starting to lose appetite as I believe that most of the food in the cafe is unsuitable for me anymore. In addition of the exam weeks, the stress just keep on increasing in tonne and this is just freaking terrible. Starting to lose all my appetite and even if hungry, I rather drink plain water and let the day off. Luckily that my gastritis didn't act up at all (actually there is but I fall asleep soon after it pain). Knowing that this might get me killed but maybe this is my new psychological barrier as when the rashes pop, my whole body is in redness and maybe I just don't wanna let others to saw me in this state.

For me now, eating is optional and is avoidable but I hope that this wouldn't prolong as I might be having anorexia nervosa if I don't do something to stop all this.

Till now, quite a number of friends has scolded me and I really appereciate that as I know you all concerning about me. Don't worry guys, I will try my best to curb all this once and for all.

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