Sunday, December 27, 2009

Countdown and Christmas Celebration!!!

On the 24th of December, my friends and I has went for the countdown at Bukit Bintang area. On the journey there, I can see that most people are going for countdown as well and the buses and train is damn pack. Like what Joanne said, "Crampy like sardin can jor". I arrived at the KTM station first before Joanne and Sau Kheng arrive. We then set on first and survey on the movie time slot at Time Square and forth at Pavilion and finally we bought 12:45 a.m. tickets. What a day. After, we went for a short walk and went for dinner. My dinner for the day is spaghetti and deep sea coconut in ice. I like the taste though... haha

After dinner, the rain has stopped and is time for picture and cam-whoring time in Pavilion. Below is some of the picture taken.
My shining Reindeer
Wonder how Santa gonna sit on this

I love this picture as it attract me...

The Hiao JC with her "BOY"

Reindeer is flying!!!

The color changing fountain

After taking picture we then met up with the rest of the girls. And for your information, I am the only guy in a group of girls again!!! After a small walk, we continue with our cam-whoring in Time Square and then walk down to the road. Foam spray and decoration items were sold all along the street. People has already start to spray around even by 9 p.m. and is funny as we all were running away from the crowds with foam spray in their hand. Here is some of the innocent getting sprayed around Mcdonald.

The girls also buy the foam spray and playing along except for Sau Kheng and Fung Khim while I am their bodyguard. =D

A while has passed and the three of us went to The Millennium Hotel and rest there till almost midnight. The scenary there is fabulous and the voice of the singer is superb but I am quite embarrassed in the washroom as there is some one watching me "relax" but I also thanks for his service as he passed me towel for drying my hand. Not long later, we went to meet up with the other two and they sprayed on us!!! Geram! but we also not bad... They got sprayed by us also and Joanne almost fall to the ground with her butt. What a funny scene and I just wish that I was holding my phone and took that picture. When the screen turns 12 o'clock, fireworks displayed held and everyone is spraying their foam spray to the sky and as if its snowing. Beautifully superb.

Later on, we went back to that hotel again and clean ourselves before enter to the theater for the movie, "AVATAR 3D". It was a story about the cooperation of business and science and in the end due to human greeds, that beautiful planet was attacked by human. I will not say more on the movie as it is a great movie and worth to be watched with 3D but 2D also seem nice as according to my friends. However during the movie, on Joanne and me stay awake the whole scene while the rest slept during the climate part. What a pity...

So, as we done with the movie, is cam-whore time again!!! We walk all around the Pavilion and took quite numerous pictures. Heres some:
Light off of the decoration in Pavilion.
The Polystyrene Ox and us. Look at the posture of Sau Kheng!

There are more but I didn't show here. :P

While waiting for the time to pass, we did somehow lame stuff and it worthless to talk about here. At around 6 o'clock in the morning, we finally hopped into the train and start going to where we planned next. Joanne and me went to Midvally Megamall while the rest went back to their hostel. We sat in the KTM and sleep until we reach Rawang and the go back to Megamall and this has let us have at least 30 minutes of rest after deduct the time we are partially concious. Reaching Megamall at around 9 a.m. and we started to find restroom for changing. Here is my new attire for the new day.
How? Not bad huh?

Then we went to Starbuck for her coffee and my Chocolate!!! Hmm... I love chocolate drink as ever. We actually slept on the sofa there as it was really comfortable to sleep. We were as if taking turns to sleep and this an hour worth of sleep is what I need. Then, Hui Lee and Kheng Siang arrive and we start showing our cam-whoring skill again.
Look at them!!!

Kheng Siang and Hui Lee
The boss "Kenix" wanna have this but.... hahah
Only picture taken with "Lao Ban" =P
Yeng!!! haha

And FINALLY.................... K TiME!!!

That is how we celebrate our Christmas and is a very tiring that day. I went back to my room and not long later I drop dead. Forcefully waking up again to take a bath and went to bed again. What a memorable day and I love the K-session as ever!!!

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