Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Second day of the new semester

Second day of the new semester but my timetable is in a mess...

I never expect that this semester will be so pack! Almost everyday I have to wake up early for 8 o'clock lecture. Luckily this is the first week and most lecturer will not start teaching but will only briefly talk on the course content.

However for today, the lecturer has done a massive time shift for most of my majors and this makes my course mate quite furious as the newly change timetable clashes with one of the subject he register. The new timetable is like playing insert and random allocation. Whenever there is free time, a time clash subject is being inserted into the empty time-slot and what worse, we hardly have time for a meal. Sometimes, we have to be superman or better Flash as the destination of each consecutive lecture is far apart and the subject is fixed for us.

Hope the timetable will not bring us disaster... Finger crossed!!!


Anonymous said...

well,dis sem im more free?maybe...but i can understand ur is juz same as my timetable last sem o the sem b4...add oil la...

Benjamin said...

thanks a lot... my timetable is packed since my first year... kinda get used to it dy but still wanna say out

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