Sunday, January 31, 2010

The January of the year.

Time really flies and is the last day of January of 2010. In this month, I seem to unable to control my emotions and get berserk very easily. Before, I love to chat around so much but now, I begin to hate when peoples chats with me on a particular topics several times. Maybe I am getting boring and fed up with all this. Beginning of this semester, I start to realize I have not enough time to deal with all the assignments and pages long of practical reports. In addition, lecturers starts to give more and more projects as UKM is encouraging research based study. I am afraid that I couldn't handle all this and collapses.

In this month, quite some numbers of events has proceed. First, my big day. =)
On that day, I have went through high and low. Really appreciate and thankful to all my friends for greetings and surprising. Still, there are a moment where I am at the bottom of my heartfelt. However, thanks to my friends in my residential colleges for giving me such a big surprise and almost broadcast my big day to the whole residential colleges by using Sound Amplifier. To think that everyone in the cafe (estimate around 50-70 peoples) sang for me, I am actually quite embarrass but at the same time happy.

After, several small events went on and I just get more and more boring with all those mess they create. The Varsity Elections which just pass has create a major mess in my head. I am quite pissed with all those tactics they used. Why can't they stop gives out list of suggestions on who to vote? I really hate the "menu" tactics a lot. Luckily is in varsity. If its in the actual world, I doubt that this menu tactics will even functions. For me, I vote according to the manifesto they stated and the options of manifesto that can really be realizing.

As thing progress, theres nothing we can do as politics is a pit hole that is dark and filthy. Only those whose can withstand the pressure of the pit hole can get involved.

Also, this month is also a month of shifting for me. My mood shift around and the lucks of everyone seem to be the same too. There are peoples who are happy, blessed, excited but there are also whom sad, bad-luck and even lost their life. All this is just a small chapter in a veil of time call LIFE.

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