Wednesday, January 20, 2010

180110 ~ Joyeux Anniversaire!!! Good and bad

17th of January 2010.

*Start to receive a number of greetings from my friends. People start to remember my big day... haha
*Finish watching a series and surprisingly, my tears rolled down my cheek.
*Received my first present... woohoo...

18th January 2010

Continued to received more and more greetings from friends. As my big day falls on Monday, I am having lecture starting from 8 in the morning. Nothing much happen in the morning. Then went to ICT and mobile fair but filled with disappointment. Then, went to lecture hall for my lecture. Right there, the bioinformatic's sisters sung me birthday songs. I'm quite touch then. Then I went disturb and asking when to go for karaoke session even as I know I am having a seriously packed schedule throughout the week.

The lecturer went in and give her lecture. Sat there doing nothing so I started to chat with them again. Then, we were given 2 minutes break. In this 2 minute, my mood change from good to worst! The seat I sat suddenly being filled with their stuff and my bag is gone. Hiding my bag away and occupied my seat. And out of reason, one of my friend was being pulled into the conversation. Saying that my friend wanna sit with me and hid my stuff away? Don't you think is very rude? After discuss on the project with my group-mates, I started to sound on her on my stuff and she just talk like having jokes. By then, I could no longer control my anger. My hand start to shake vigorously as I talk. As most of my friends knew, I rarely get angry unless there is something triggered it. And that's one of the most hatred behaviors in my list that will cast away my clear mind. After the lecture, I got my baggy back and went off to my next lecture.

I was so steamy by then. When I reach the room for my language class, I straightly update my status on FB as I couldn't stand anymore. This is irritated me so much that I couldn't even focus on revise back on what Madame teaches last lecture. At that slight moment, I really felt like crying but I knew that if I cry, then it will be non-stop and never forgotten that is my big day. As time pass and learning new words in foreign language, I finally calmed down. Language really make me felt happy but there were still some residues that left over. After the class, I went to wait for bus to Pusan. and not long later, my room-mate appears and fetch me there. Really thanks him as I can sit on cushion comfortably to my next stop. As there were still some residue left, I don't felt like having any but ICE!!!

After the meal~ meeting!!! Before the meeting started, I chat a lot with the China student in our groups. He is a third year student who took language study. There, I receive the present from Joanne. Thanks Joanne!!! I love it... haha

Went back to my resident college and sat under the fan for a short while. Then I went to the cafe as my juniors were going celebrating my birthday. I never expected that there are so many people around. Initially they let me hear a birthday song which sung in Korean through phone. A few moments later, I heard the volume of the song being amplified. Omigosh... they use the PA system to play the song. Oh my, I am really shocked and stun for a few moment. Then EVERYONE in the cafe were singing birthday song to me while 3 pieces of Apollo Roll Cake with candle were placed in front of me. While making wishes, they switch the Roll cake to a BIG and YUMMY American Chocolate Cake. Oh my... its my favorite!!! I am so happy then. What next should be able to imagine in your mind right. Especially the candle picking parts. I pick up 7 candles altogether and this is the HIGHEST record ever in my entire lifetime. Love them so much... muuuaaakkkssss...

After the celebration, we returned to room and I start to get on the line to reply on all the birthday wishes. Then, I found out the girls apologize through post. Anyway, I am not that guy who keep hatred. The whole process of replying is really tough. As I could not connect to the web and is getting fed up by the connectivity. Fatigue~ I fell to my dreamland without realizing.

19th January 2010

Waking up in a rainy morning and I don't really felt like waking up as it is so cold and is so comfortable to sleep. However, I still prepare myself and went for lecture. This is a better day as my time is not as pack. Then in the evening, we went to Pizza Hut for a meal. This time, is a co-op birthday dinner for Jacky and me. As Jacky's birthday is on 20th Jan(today), we actually had a good time there. Its cold there but we refilled the beverage jug for around 5 times. Whilst, we were chatting on supernatural stuff that we met/hear. There after, we all went back. What a day...We had good time together again.

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