Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year countdown 2010 part 1

Its the second week in the row that I went to countdown. 2009 is really a crazy years for me. After Christmas countdown, I went for New Year countdown on Friday. Together with Kheng Siang, Xin Jie, Ai Lee, Michelle and Mun Yee, we went to Bukit Bintang for countdown. Initially, they all except for Kheng Siang and me will be going earlier and who knows all of them skip their lecture and went together. Is was really a crampy journey as it was so damn pack in the KTM. It was quite funny as we chat in the KTM and it was packed even more than sardine.

This journey is also a trip where I get known of new friends. It was my first meet with Mun Yee and Michelle. Hard to imagine but we all seem to be able to chat our ways out. The train was so packed that those girls complaint on breathing difficulties and when we finally reach Bandar Tasik Selatan, it was really good and refreshing that we can smell better air if compared to in the KTM. (FYI~ my head was just on par with somebody armpit and he is holding on the bar on the top)

Then next stop~ to Hang Tuah. The journey is much more relaxing as there isn't as pack as in KTM. Still, the whole train only contain the voices of our group. Kinda hilarious when we are cracking on jokes and people around us were laughing secretly ( I saw them). Then we walk all our way to Time Square and then to Sg. Wang. In Sg. Wang, we first went to Greenbox and check on the price for the midnight session and what surprise is RM54++. So we gave up on K session. After, we went for our dinner at KFC and set off to Pavilion to check on the time of the movie. Once reaching Pavilion, we start to take pictures and kinda excited with all those picturing time. Before purchasing movie tickets, we decided to go Redbox Plus to check for the price again even though we knew that it would be more expensive. Then as expected, RM100++. Faint!

We decided to watch The Princess and Frog at 1:30 a.m. Ai Lee has watched the movie so we decided to sponsor 1 buck per person to make her watch. Alright, after that we start our picturing and shopping time. Went back to Sg. Wang and we start to splurge on New Year clothing. At the entrance, we manage to get goodies bag of Hotlink as we buy Reload cards. RM10 and we got 2 bags with each containing a electric fan and batteries, raincoat etc. of outdoor concert usage. Then we went shopping. I am lucky that I finally found myself a set of clothing in ROMP and this costs me RM 140 for a shirt and a pair of skinny jean.

Story to be continued...

Highlight~ next post will be posting together with some pictures of the journey!
Stay tune...

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