Friday, February 05, 2010

New Year and Valentine's EVE

A few hours more and it will be a brand new years for Chinese. Its the year of tiger. For me, this year is quite special as my dad specially went and fetch me back from UKM. Then, I got a lot of assignment to rush during this period (y.y). In addition, have to study for the exam which is after the holiday.. SOBZ SObz sobz....

Since returning back home, I have been going here and there. Buying all the necessities and help with the transportation is my job. Hope this new year will be a better year for me.

In this Tiger Year, I wish to get:
1) Better result
2) More friends
3) A person to confide with a.k.a G.F
4) More healthy
5) Less Moody
6) more LOVE

Hope this all will come true!!!

and not forget, HAPPY VALENTINE DAY!!!
J t'aime, mon ami!

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