Sunday, March 14, 2010

Every 14th of the month means somethings...

I knew most of us knows that every 14th of the month means something. There are something that we should know not only on the Saint Valentine (Valentinus) day but every month.

Beginning with January 14th, we got Diary Day. A day for the planing of a courtship. When you have someone that occupied a corner of your heart, one can write the feeling out in a diary (book or even in blog) and thus also help in planning how to win his/her heart. This is a day to encourage peoples to take actions.

On February 14th, it is Saint Valentines Day (Valentine Day in short). This is the Valentine Day that we all known. In Asian, this day is also known as the Western Valentine Day. This is a day where girls will gift chocolates to boy she like but she have to be fast as boys might also received chocolates from other girls. However peoples in Asian especially Non-Christians does not recognize the Saint Valentines but still, this custom has assimilated into every countries culture.

While March 14th is the White Day. This is a day for the boy to reply his answer. On this day, boy will gift/reply to the girl he like by gift her a white candy. The girls who sent out chocolates will find out whether her love for him is mutually or otherwise just one side love.

April 14th is a South Korean informal traditions for peoples who are still single to get together and eat jajangmyen (noodle with black bean sauce), sometimes a white sauce is mixed for those who did not celebrate White Day. This is a day to celebrate singledom. This is known as the Black Day.

May 14th is Yellow & Rose Day. For couples who has been together for some times, he should gift her a rose to express their relationship. White Rose means normal friends, Yellow Rose means best friends and Red Rose means Lover! If he is really love her, then surely Red Rose is the one to be gift.

June 14th is the Kiss Day. Also, this is another informal celebration for South Korean. On this day, couples will be kissing in public. Please do not avoid or saying something bad as this day is the Kiss Day.

What about July 14th? July 14th is the Silver day. On this day, couples can buy couple rings to prove their devotion to love for each other.

August 14th is the Green Day. The day where couples will go walk around with the Nature.

September 14th will be the Music and Photo Day. Couples can sing love songs to their lovers even though they do not sang well. Also, take a photo to mark down the smiles for their lover.

October 14th will be the Wine Day. This is also known as the Candlelit Dinner Day. Having a romantic Candlelit dinner accompanied with Red Wine will be great. There is also hidden meaning to this~ Love is the same with Red Wine, need to taste it slowly to discover its flavor.

November 14th is the Orange and Movie Day. Will you be free tonight? Lets go and catch a movie together. Remember to buy orange juice to drink while watching yea.

December 14th is the Hug Day. After a years of being together, both party are still in love with each other. As this day is one of the cold day, they couples will hug together to give warm to another half so that they do not felt cold.

Actually this is all an informal accustom of the Korean to celebrate the 14th of each Month. Youth and Marketers have conspired to designate the 14th of every month a special day with specific rules to follow. In fact, even if you have missed the day, as long as love exist between both of you. As long as you love your partner, everyday will be Valentines.

Before I end this, this is a song that I love. This is in canto but is a nice and meaningful song. Enjoy and Have a Happy Day!
p.s~ This is a sad song!!!

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