Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brief moment

The time passed with the speed of lightning. Just for a brief moment, I am now nearly in the end of my second years in varsity life. Soon, I will be in the third grad and officially get my degree. Today, I am going to sit for my 7th paper for this semester. A total of 8 papers to be taken and I have already toke 6 of it. I was so despair after taken the first two papers which is my major ~ Biochemistry. Luckily, the despair is gone and now I am having a calm mood while revise for the paper later. What a night, I decided not to sleep as there won't be enough time allocated for me to complete my revision if I dozed off.

Think of now, I am having holiday mood but this is bad for me as I have to prepare myself for the preparation works in the Convocation Fair's board. This is as tough as I can think. Due to the new policy and time constrain, there are just too many obstacles to be hurdles. God bless that everything will be just fine and the path to the light is always there. Gonna pull myself back to study then. 

À toute à l`heure!

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