Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dark Chocolate and me

I'm yearning to get a taste of 85% dark chocolate again. I can never the taste for the rest of my life and I really miss the chocolate drink that I make at home. No sweeten cocoa drink is best for elevate my high spirits. Actually I am yearning more on 100% cocoa dark chocolates as I love the melting sensation of it in my mouth and the bitterness that slowly converted to mild sweetness while melting in the mouth. Accompany with hot cocoa drink, its heavenly matched.

For me, a bar of dark chocolate can sustain me for one whole month as I like to taste it a little a day and especially during evening or night time. Dark chocolate has the effect of cutting down the size of my meal. After eating dark chocolate, I somehow do not feel like having more food and hardly felt hungry for several hours. That's what a little cubic piece of chocolate can do.

Whilst yearning of get a try of it again, I have no choice but to back to the reality. The transportation problems and the time limitation now is not really a good time for getting chocolates. In addition, I live in dormitory and there is no fridge here. The uber hot weather in South East Asia makes the chocolates melts almost instantly even the higher heat resistance of dark chocolates will melt.

There are many advantages of Dark Chocolates and you can go browse around and have a look on it. The Fine Dark Chocolate has articles on this. So betcha find out more there.

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