Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spiritual trip

Just returned to my room after out for almost 5 hours. Finally, I got myself a new mouse but it is tiny. Still need more time to get used with the size of it. Along my journey, no idea why I smell weird aromas and is very disgusting to me. The whole journey is filled with dizziness and uneasiness. I have no idea why am I feeling so dizzy these few days. Maybe is due to the hot weather and my poor digestion system. Also, I almost got myself injured seriously. I was tripped and nearly fell down while walking up the stair-case. Luckily I manage to retain balance but my heart was thumping so hard that it almost pop out of the cage.

After the trip, I have made up my mind:

1. Carls Jr. will be my first choice for fast food.
2. No more K.F.C and McDonald for this month.
3. No more splurging in this month.
4. Listen to the same few songs only.
5. Concentrate more in study.
6. Try to have adequate rest.
7. Eat less but drink more plain water.
8. Cutting down the intake of carbonated drinks.
9. Sleep earlier.
10. Reduce my time in social networks.
11. Brush up my English and French usages and efficiencies.
12. Talk less and listen more.
13. Curb my mood swing.
14. Searching for another ways to release my stress.
15. No more self-infliction.
16. No meat for the whole week.

Thats all! I have been hallucinating on having a lover too. LOL~
Been daydreaming in the train and here is the detail~

- First-sighted Love
- Drive back
- Propose ~ be my lover
- Kiss immediate after she agreed
- Practicing in speaking well in dialect ( Cantonese)
- Call her and we chat in Cantonese while sometimes using French
- Introduce to friends
- Share every thought we have
- No more emo

ROLF~ I am too naive! This is not time for these thought as I would still be taking some papers and the most important things here is mostly is unprepared and no revision was done earlier on. May god bless me get through this tribulation and may my wishes come true. =)

Good Luck to the others who are also sitting for exams!

Listen to music