Saturday, April 03, 2010

le deux Avril

Finally the first event of Convocation Festival was held. I was really nervous as this is the first official event that I participate as a leader. Wore the blazer for almost half a day and the weather is really hot. Before the event, I am quite nervous with the progression of the other secretariat as they have not done their job and I have no choice but to push and push while help out with all I got. Firstly, the technical part, it was in total mess in the beginning even during the rehearsal. Luckily after a few test trial, everything is okay then. Then is the Techno, what they did is really last minute job but luckily they did well although there are some mistake there...

Well for today, I have been in a stress mode as I still got one assignment to be done and I am out of idea what to do for it. Also, I haven't printed out the assignment for lecturer. Actually I have no idea why I am so stressed as I am not really stressing myself. Maybe, exam is approaching and I really wish to get good results. After such a long while of emoness, I finally ease myself from this just for today. Before the event, I went for lunch with Mun Yee and she ask me "Why men so desired to be in a relationship?". Actually this is a questions that most of my friends ask, there are no definite answer. As I say, I will not disclose my true feeling towards others except to the person that I really trust but I have not even met once in my whole life.

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