Thursday, April 01, 2010

Week 14th, second year semester 2

Finally is the first day of April. Actually for the past few days, many things happens. This is indeed the busiest week for me. On Saturday, I went to UCSI for the Biochemistry's Intervarsity Thesis Presentation. This is the one and only platform for us, undergraduates to present the fruit of our hard works. Maybe next year will be my turn if I can did well in my research. Hope I can really get the topic I like for my honour year research. The organizer is really very good as in food because they really did consider for the vegetarians and non-vegetarians. For non-vege, everyone get a pack of KFC's lunch pack with 2 potato mashes and no coleslaw. Then on Sunday, I have been confining myself in the room just for the sake of doing my assignment. The whole day, I have done 2 assignment and prepare for my presentation on Monday. What more, I done watching a series of drama.

However, what comes in Monday is nightmare. The ever stopping rain starts to make me felt what the rain meant. After the presentation, we went for dinner at the "big tree" where later I went for a meeting after sending all of the girls back. Really thanks to Yin Fong as she borrow me her car or else, I would surely missed the bus. Also need to thanks to my uncle A.K.A Hying's dad as he bought me Centrum A - Zinc.

Actually I have been compiling my assignment for Advance Biochemistry these few days. As the lack of resources, I have been doing this for the past 2 weeks hoping to done the whole thing regardless whether my answer is correct or not. This is the biggest challenge for me as I have to translate the whole material I found to Malay which I'm poor in. This day also, I have been in utter emo. A whole non-food day for me before dinner.

Yesterday, I really felt a surge of depletion. Fatigue hold on me and I have no choice but to wake up early for my never ending task. By the evening, I had also sat for my listening and test 2 for French. The listening part is  really nightmare for me. I couldn't even heard the time correctly. As result, the first part of mine is completely gone. I failed in my first part and try to concentrate much for it and thank god, I did my best for the last part. However, after the test, I realize that the bus has gone back to my residential college and I have no choice but to walk. Had been such a long time since I walk under the rain. Although I brought my umbrella with me, I just have no will to pull it out from my bag. Rain has the ability to cool down one who are in deep down mood and I did felt better after running in the downpour. I really love this feels.

Today, le premier Avril et le poisson d'Avril, I am feeling stuffy again. Why? I really got no idea. The emo in me is indeed very deep till I have no control over it. The emo control me more than I can imagine. So, I went to shop. On the way, I met Michelle. We actually have a good chat in the train. Then I start to wander around the shopping mall searching for something that cross my mind. Today, I bought 2 pairs of slacks, 2 tee-shirts, a shirt and a tie. In just 3 hours time, I never knew that I had actually spent so much on clothes and this is really making me broke. By the way, I ate my lunch at the Carls Jr.. Overall, I spent about 300 bucks and I am really regret what I have done. The emo in me still never gone but I am quite delight that I bought myself new clothes so that I don't have to wear the same few cloths day by day.

The moment I reach, returned to my room to put all my new clothes  and went for the class in the evening. These few days, I have been an idiot for making myself so tired. I tried not to do so but the more I think, the more I hurt myself. Back to room after the lecture and opened my FB, what I saw is a wholesome page of status changing. Most of the people has changed their status to in a relationship or complicated. I really hope I can change mine although I know they are doing this because today is April's Fool day. Can I get one immediately? The pressure that accumulated these few weeks had crashed on me and I can hardly breath. I really need some one that I can share my feeling with but how do I find? Who can let me trust so much until I can pour out what hidden inside me for so long? Pressing my feeling till I nearly collapse. Hopefully I can get some one that I can really trust with and share my heartfelt with him/her.


Anonymous said...

u can oways trust me...but u dun1...

Anonymous said...


Benjamin said...

I dont even know who r u how do u wan me to trust?

Anonymous said...


elaine said...

trust me lor...=P

Benjamin said...

u lagi kenot trust... lol...:p

elaine said...

ok lo..suan le...hng

Benjamin said...

no choice d la... haha

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