Saturday, May 01, 2010

le 30 Avril 2010~ chanter et film

The second semester start and end with K session with Joanne. I have no doubt we are the best K pal ever. Believe it or not, we actually been so crazy to challenge all the divas songs and of course, screaming and run tone is what occur during the challenge. I am really glad to be able to get so close to a newtune singer who sang well in English songs of course. We sang most of the famous songs and in the end, we challenge "Loving You" by Minnie Riperton. We sang till so hilarious as no one can sing up to the middle part~ the shouting part. 

This is the second time that Joanne choose the wrong dish and the sauce of the dish is awfully not suitable for our taste bud but maybe others.The only good taste food on her plate is the fries. haha

Sing, shout, crazy, run tone, jump, sampat and more during that 3 hours time and we officially broke our voice (actually I'm the only one who lost voices =X)

In fact, we are singing with another friend, Yoke Shan but she did not appear (ffk). Quite dissapointed but the way we sing all those songs make us almost forget about her non-existence. After the K session, we met with a lot of our Varsity mates as they went for their K session too. The K was so exciting and we went to have ice-cream. As yesterday is on the 30th, Baskin does not have any promotion but the moment wen reach the New Zealand Natural, we saw 30% discount on the 30th each month! Our reaction is like~ WOW!!! Went in and the offers is only for a medium/large tub. Worth but don't think can finish in an hour time so we take a scoop each. As usual for a chocolate addict, I choose chocolate and for a coffee addicts, she of course take caffeine. We ate while waiting for my cousin to arrive as we were going to another event ~ MOVIE!

I am so lucky to be able to book the ticket or else for sure there won't be any ticket left for us. I reach there at around 10.30 a.m. and the ticket for the show at 11.30 p.m. was already in limited seat. That was so shocking and at the same time we were really hoping to watch that movie. Ice Kacang Puppy Love~ a local blockbuster which were also in the silverscreen of most Mandarin communicating country. It was also being included into the 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival. The show is very local and I laugh till stomachache. A good movie for everyone. Even after 2 weeks, it was still on the top of the list.

Here is the synopsis of the movie~

ICE KACANG PUPPY LOVE is a profoundly emotional tale of puppy love, parental love, generation gap, truth and make-believe. Set in a unique small town of 1980's Malaysia, the story evolves between a nice but bashful boy- Botak and a brave and adventurous girl- Da Jia Yu. 

A woman brings her daughter, Da Jia Yu, and runs away from her husband. They live in a small old town and stay at a friend's house. The son of the kopitiam tauke, Botak falls in love with this small little girl. In Botak's life, Da Jia Yu plays an important role. She accompanies Botak till they grow up. Botak secretly admires Da Jia Yu. Along the journey, he explores the meaning of true love, devotion and forgiveness. 

The later part in the movie is quite touching. If you have not watch it yet, please go and watch. A very good experience in the hall as everyone is laughing out loud and was surprised with the plot of it. 

After the movie, we went to eat Sushi at Sushi Zanmai. I was broke after that. A day filled with entertainment and fun. Hope to have more fun like this in the future but I don't think I will be able to have so much fun after this as I got to limit my money flow for other purposes. 

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