Monday, May 17, 2010

Slugging crap rubbish

I almost forgotten that I owned this blog. This is the third week for me in this third semester and I am really in a lost. A total lost and dilemma for me as I have totally no idea what I'm doing by days and time just past just like that. I have lost all my interest and my inspirations and ideas were gone just like that. I hate this feeling as this kinda make me felt useless akin I'm a piece of rug. Just what is happening to me? I wanna return back to my own self and not this useless and up to nothing rubbish.

Maybe I am just too emo by the moment but the duration is just too long for me. I might lost my interest in chatting with others soon and I don't think I can handle my life properly anymore if this ever happens. Chatting is one of the ways to curb myself from being more isolated and able to tolerate whatever hideous stuff happening out there. Maybe is time for me to embrace my interest again and ignore those that make me felt desolated but can I do it? Maybe and maybe not...

The second pre-convocation program has past and now I can felt that my pressure is accumulating and soon might just past over my pressure gauze. I have no idea how long I can withstand these massive load of pressure for how long but I am certain that for the moment, I am really very lonely. I wish I can get somebody that I can trust form my inner heart to share my thought.  Can this little wish be fulfilled? Keeping my finger crossed.

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