Wednesday, June 09, 2010


These few days, I sense that I started to lose respect from others. I can sense that people started to being rude to be and what more belittle me. I have no idea what actually happens but I am tired of this any longer. Might the effort I put in for socializing is less but this should not be a problem in socializing. Losing faith with others and from now, I need a very private and seclude place so that I can made myself cool down. Sometimes, I really scared that I might erupt just like that without knowing the consequences to the others but I just can't do this. This will only ruin my social life entirely.

Now, I am thinking back again, did I made a mistake for joining? Been here for several weeks but I am never even once happy and laugh from within. Yesterday, I started to snare on my colleague and juniors. Anyway, whatever happens will depend on my current self.

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