Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home-cooked food

I am quite happy as I get to taste the home cooked food. Home cooked food is filled with warm-heart from family members and love from the cook. The hope to keep every family member's stomach is very touching. This is what we can't get to taste outside. So hope to be able to taste home-cooked food everyday but is quite impossible for me as I will be going back to UKM on Monday. By then, I have to take good care of my own diet once again as I need to prevent myself from food poisoning or the least, diarrhea. Starting tomorrow, I will be staying at no where again as we have no idea when can registered into our own room.

May god bless me that I can get a good room-mate next semester. I wish that we can have nice time together and he will not be having any bad attitude, characteristic or worst, criminal records. Popi popi...

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