Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Foodball fanatic

Just returned from McDonald after watching the Fifa Worldcup 16th match. Brazil kickoff with Chile and I return after half time. As predicted, all matches winner were determined mostly in first half. This is the trend of this year's Worldcup. The whole gang of us went to the McDonald to have our supper and celebrating birthday of the birthday girl, Nurrul Hidayah. The girls went back before the match begin ditching us boys there alone. The crowd start gathering as the match commencing and shouts were everywhere. This is a very fabulous match and I kinda felt weird as I didn't shout together. The first half, Juan and Fabiano has scored and it was a play of skill and wit.

Peoples were shouting so loud and excited but I kinda hate the environment there. I hate when people were smoking around me as the stench is unbearable. However, I was happy as my favorite team won the game today.

Hmm, will Japan win the match tomorrow? Please win Japan~ ^,^

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