Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Returning Blues

After the holiday, I am back to my academic home. Travel under misty cloud makes me felt quite scare and tension while what makes me sadden is that I couldn't connect to the wireless service that I paid for. As the company introduce new service for visitors' only, this has interrupt the service for students primarily those who using Vista. I could detect the original signal but couldn't connect to it. What weird is I could reach the login page of the visitors' only page. WTH!

I paid for this kind of service? The instruction for denied automatic profiler for new signal ain't applicable for me too. This is what called despair! Happens almost every here and then when I need connection the most. Luckily I have shifted to a new residential college where I can still connect through cable. However, the connection for cable is getting worst by days. How can I done my assignments and tasks without the aids of infos?

Anyway, Mid Autumn Festival is around the corner. Hereby, I would like to wish everyone Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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