Saturday, October 23, 2010


Been studying this subject for several days. And this is the only subject that makes me study till fuming! I have no idea what is going on and this might be the first time that I can revise until wanna kill people!


In the lecture hall, there are more than 200 peoples and ONLY my course was the first batch to take it. Most of them have already having basic to this subject last semester and should be easier for them to understand the basic to the instruments being taught. Furthermore, this is a chemistry based subject and they have seen and even used one or two of the instruments here. Then, what about us? We are just a bunches of guinea pigs being push to the slaughtering shop awaiting for our turns to be served as "entertainments" of others "gastric". I really hate it now.

Now, I am doing the past years and guess what, THERE IS NO ANSWERS found from lecture notes and INTERNET!!! How am I going to do without the answers? Most of the questions being asked here ain't what being taught but BEING TOUCH N' GO!!! 

Who can help me? Save me from this CRAZY subject!!! I need to have relieve from it!

Chemical instrumentation~ KILL ME NOW or I will surely find ways to assassinate you!

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