Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rubbish stack together... Read if you understand =P

Back from Redang is already a week ago. While I have been sick for this 1 week and I am suffering due to overheat and what more, the temperature is getting hotter here. 

Along with the bad news, finally I got good news. I had finally did my lab. Due to small spaces and lots of peoples, our lob progression is getting very slow. 

Hopefully, I can get good result from the plasmids that I had just extracted days ago. 

Yesterday, I went to MCTF'10 at Mid Valley Megamall. The crowd was crazy and just a thought of getting to the real business world is really creepy for me as I will lose all my freedom that I am currently enjoying now. However, this can make me more independent and able to support myself and also my family soon. Year passes as we blink and from the day I stepped into this university till now, I haven't really have time to enjoy till this year. However,I need to revise on my studies and also prepare myself for lab environment. 

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