Sunday, November 07, 2010

Life after exam

The past will only be a lesson for the future.
I will not forget the past, and dwell into it more deeply~

After exam, I was getting bored as day passes. The boredom was unbearable and due to this, I am getting more psycho. For 3 days continuously, I only ate 1 meal per day. My mind wanted me to eat but my body just don't allow. No idea why, I have no strength to go out for a meal but rather, I have strength for doing other stuff. As someone who has gastritis, this ain't good and is really bad for health. However, I just couldn't figured out whats happening to me then. Things is getting worse and yesterday, I don't really felt hungry the whole day. After posting my status in Facebook, which is " Je ne mange rien. Je suis malade?", I got a reply from a girl who reply "Oui! Tu as tres malade mon amie". Her message was clear that I am hurting myself and need to buck up. Only then, I went for my official first meal of the day. Due to my biological function of my gastric, I do felt extremely full the whole night. This is what happens after having meal at 11pm. 

If my conditions makes you worry~ 

Pardon, tout mes amis! 

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