Monday, November 29, 2010

Food Hunting!

My freaking craze gene seem to be acting up again. For the last whole week, I have been spending hundreds just for my stomach~ haha

Going for dim sum during midnight and then we are all getting so high mood and the next day, we went to the so call infamous SS2 Murni. The food there were filled with creativity and what amaze us was the size and delicacy served. It was delicious and was rather big in portion. Can you imagine that after we arrive, there are peoples lining up just to taste the food there. The signboard doesn't seem to be attracting but do not get deceived by the look of the shop-let. Looks normal but the food was scarily attractive to people especially towards those who love to go around hunting for foods.

After food hunting at SS2, we went to 1U for shopping.

Seem like among us got quite some numbers of food hunters who like to go around for good food and is good for me, who has no sense in recognizing route. Thanks everyone for making my Uni life livelier again..

I am really glad that my days here are filled with laughers with friends. Nice to have you, FRIENDS!

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