Friday, December 31, 2010

30 Dec 2010~ The last few moment of the year

The second last day of the year was celebrated by having a comedy with fellow friends.
I gave myself a day off from the troublesome lab work and have some freedom of myself. However, I am not happy while staying in my room as my residential college has no water. I was forced to go searching water further from at another block and this recalled back the old times when I'm in another residential college. Whatsoever, the matters went off and I kept a few bottles of water so that I can have rest assure when washing. In the evening, after fetching Kheng Siang, we went to Chai Peng's house at Puchong Utama which has a distance from my uncle's house. Its was good to meet new friends and I got to known new friends almost every week. The outing with new friends to me is just simply fun. As I can blend in easily even with peoples that I met for the first time, is good to have more this friend making experiences.

Okay~ Lets move on to what we do here. When reach here, we changed to Chai Peng's bigger car~ Innova. We went to IOI mall and have our dinner at Wong Kok Char Cheng Ting. Having baked cheese rice and went to theater to search for a movie. In the end, we went for Gulliver's Travels. The movie was quite funny and interesting. And now we're in Chai Peng's house for overnight and will be back to Uni tomorrow morning.

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