Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Selfless Woman - True Story based in China

Heard an awl inspiring true stories which happens in China. Can you imagine who adopted you and sponsor you to further studies and provided you with the fund that suffice your personal needs every year?

A college boy who recently found out about the truth of the true identity of "Uncle Lee" who has been supporting him for about 10 years and he was shocked when he saw the truth. He was getting 1000 yuan every years from this Uncle Lee and from what he think, Uncle Lee is a very rich man and have a lot of fortune. However the truth are always the opposite from what we think. Uncle Lee is actually an old lady who worked as a roadside cleaner who earns few hundred yuan every month. She is about to be retrenched and had to beg company to allow her to continue her service as to provide support and care towards her 'adopted' children. Using Uncle Lee, she had already adopted 10 children and the eldest is the one who just stepped into a college.

Can you imagine how wage of the low paid works can provide every children she got with 1000 yuan every year? Thats 10, 000 yuan every year and this is equivalent to about RM45K. This touching truth was shown right before the boy. He found out about the real identity of his adopted father and went to find him. He found his adopted father sweeping the floor on the roadside and happens to be Aunt Lee. Grandma Lee struggles very hard to ensure every children she adopted had a better life and she was about to stop providing them with the financial support as she was retrenched but she got back her job.

A person who barely know you can sacrificed so much for the future of your life and this is very rare in current society. Selfless being has extinct but this is the only exception. Try to imagine the heart wrenching moment that the boy felt and this has also touched me so much. It was imprinted into my heartfelt and would surely be there forever. Her kindness is what we don't have and should be awarded a Nobel Peace Award instead. Falsification of her true identity towards her children are to prevent the child to find out about this and felt sorry instead to be happily using the fund.

Its up to you to feel whatever way but for me, its simply touching.

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