Thursday, January 06, 2011

Emo ranting~!

Finally the first outing with my gang in this semester. Once again, we went to have a dreadful steamboat session and we went to a new shop. As I don't eat seafood, I am basically wasting my money as I can only eat all those cheaper food ingredient.

Then something crops  up when we were about to set off to college, my suis broken. So tension as I can't even start my engine as my battery doesn't connect to the engine. I called my dad in hope of seeking for help and luckily he wake up and answer my call or else I would not know what to do then. After listening to his instruction, finally I can start my engine and safely drove back.

As I am the guy who doesn't like people to concern about me so much, I went to emo states again. My emotions are flowing out from everywhere and I'm hating myself so much. Looking on the surface, I am very cool and seem to be nothing happens before but thats just in front of my friends or peoples. I am too fragile! Back to room, I started to felt apologetic towards my parents as I make them worry. Luckily my mum was at work or else I can't imagine what happens afterwards. As I am away from home and they hardly even met me , this just worsen the condition. Maybe I'm being paranoia, but I can felt the moment I make the call they will be wondering this boy should be facing problems. This is due to that I rarely having phone conversation with them unless I'm planing to go back home.

I also chat with Kheng Siang to inform him about this matter. I wanted to get it repaired as soon as possible and he agreed to accompany me to the workshop. I am thankful to have a friend who willing to accompany me for repairing this minor problem (big problem for me as I might be electrocuted if I'm careless by bits while starting my engine).

The next day, I just went to the lab just for the sake of running my digested samples. Then, he message me and say his lecture had been changed to tomorrow and we can go out earlier. After some searching, we found a shop that have another kind of plug by with same function. However, he was like simply do for me and that thing was supposed to be hid away but he making it so obvious. Back to college, I am lucky to found a parking lot but it was so hard to park my car in. Some very "CLEVER" driver parked their cars in the middle of the road that doesn't have any line drawn. As the space is just about a car wide, I am struggling so hard forward and reverse until the car was in the box nicely. I took about 10 minutes before I my car rest in the parking lot. Then I started to modify the position of the plug. After around 15 minutes, I finally did it.

OK~ done with ranting my feelings out~
Sorry guys for my grammatical and sentence construct error.

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