Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year's eve (2010-2011)

Year 2010 has passed and here comes the brand new year of 2011.

This is how I passed my last day in 2010.
1) Playing billionaire until almost 7am in Chai Peng's house
2) Eat Bak kut teh at Puchong and was treated by Chai Peng's mum. Thanks aunty~
3) Fetch everyone back to college
4) Went to shopping with Kheng Siang at Fahrenheit, Sg. Wang, Time Square and Lot 10.
5) Had dinner at Pavilion
6) Bought a t-shirt.
7) Rush back before the concert started

The unforgettable bad event of the last day in 2010:
1) The lecture was cancelled due to the winning of Suzuki Cup and I went to the lecture anyway
2) Cramped in the crowd of bloodthirsty 'human' who only think of themselves
3) A teen was cursing everybody but doesn't have a look at himself.
4) The baby cradles event~ Both Kheng Siang and me was implicated
5) Kheng Siang's helmet got stolen at the KTM station

P/S: Quite pity on Mr. Ng as he was very down with very limited choices with his preferable cloth design and caught with cold after the warm and cold induced process. Then his helmet got stolen and this is the big Q.

Thats how my New Year's eve going. How yours?

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