Friday, January 07, 2011

Malaysia 4th Chocolate Fair 2011

The Chocolate Fair is back in Malaysia again! Yes~ My all time favorite event will be held at Hall 2, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, from 7-9th January 2011. Guess what, I am going tomorrow and get a taste of the tasty Russian Chocolate is a must! Hope to taste more chocolate with more than 70% cocoa.

Here's some chocolate facts:

We already know that Chocolate is good for your heart - studies across the world consistently report chocolate's blood thinning properties. We've seen reports that some types of chocolate can aid brain functions and delay ageing. We have even seen one report that says theobromine (a constituent of cocoa) is more effective than codeine at soothing a sore throat and coughing. Now we hear that researchers in Osaka University have discovered that the husks of the cocoa bean contain an antibacterial agent that fights tooth decay and plaque! Isn’t chocolate simply the most perfect food ever? It tastes good, it does you good and it makes you feel great!

Urrrgh~ Can't resist the attraction of Chocolate anymore :P

-Monkeys found chocolate first, not people.
-Traces of chocolate have been found in ancient Mayan pottery - from
3,400 years ago!
-The word Chocolate comes from the Aztec words for "Bitter Water"
-Both the Mayans and Aztecs associate chocolate with fertility! What do
 they know that we don't?
-The first English chocolate house opened in London in 1657, 53 years
 after the word "Chocolate" was first used in English.
-Chocolate is poisonous to horses, dogs, cats, rodents and parrots -
but essential for people!
-50 million people depend upon cocoa for a living.
-Queen Victoria sent 100,000 boxes of chocolate to soldiers fighting in
the Boer War on New Year's Day, 1900.
-The Tropicana casino in Atlantic City sells a super deluxe chocolate
brownie - the "Brownie Extraordinaire with Saint Louis" for $1,000!
    Cited from: Malaysia 4th Chocolate 
    Fair 2011, For more info kindly visit the 
    event website at

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