Monday, January 10, 2011

A crazy Saturday~

On Saturday, we had been to The Malaysia 4th Chocolate Fair at Mid Valley Convention Centre Hall 2.Before I go, some of my friends said "You might be fairly disappointed with this fair" and I wonder why. Plan to go at noon but as the girls were released early, we went for a simple lunch before setting off. Initially we wanted to take KTM but then I drove all my ways there. Thanks to KK, I finally able to make it to Mid Valley Megamall by myself. I am very lucky as am able to found a parking lot pretty fast.

Upon reaching the hall, we went all out tasting all the available taster in the fair. Out of my surprise, Russian Chocolate was in sale and a matter of fact, thats my aims for this fair. We shouldn't have our lunch before went to the fair as we're very very full after tasting all kinds of chocolate there. Felt so fortunate and happy as I make it there. I did make the right action!

Guess what, I bought myself a bar of Russian Chocolate! It's 87% pure cocoa and I love its taste. Actually I am searching for around 90-99% cocoa content but there's none. Still remember the face of an exhibitor as he was shocked with my asking. He served me the taster of 75% cocoa and I still find it fairly sweet. The moment I asked if there was any with higher cocoa content, he was stunned and say, "You should go for coffee bean flavor". Bah~ I don't kinda like coffee but I tasted more coffee that day.

We also bought birthday present for dearest friend: Yin Fong. The graphic was nice and look quite special. Wondering will she eat it after receiving?

Not long later, we went to Jusco for a walk and starts our second tasting session. Tasted all the taster too! I am really take my hat off Kim Pui as she just go all around tasting everything and by then Kheng Siang and me has already at our limit. The smells of food can make us puke by then. I also met and get known more friends~but.... I forgotten their names again~ XD

We then set back but in the end we went to Balakong for a stroll. After that, we went for dinner at Jalan Reko. Once again, we watch the show performed by Kim Pui as she impress us with her size of food. She really can eat a LOT!!! After the meal, we finally went back to campus. Its tiring but worth a smile. I like this feels a lot.

P/s: Still not bear to open the package of my chocolate :P

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