Friday, February 11, 2011

Little not happy CNY 2011. Celebration, gathering, reunion and problems.

Has been some times since I last visiting and fill in more stuff to my home.

Draw back to weeks ago before continuous raining causing chaos in Johor. I went back on Wednesday and start having my leisure long holiday. My weight was 63 kg when I reached home and the final weight after CNY holiday will be announced later.

In that week, I started to hear bad news on flooding all over Johor. Some of my friends were victims to the flooding and it was devastating to all Chinese community as this has totally disrupt the festive vendor chances. The floods had also causing big loss to plantation industrial but its a good news to my uncle in Muar. Rain helps promote growth of abalone mushroom.

Next, my mum was sacked by her company and her health was in red alert. Her diagnostic result shown that she had several lumps in her uterus but luckily all were benign. She got to go for operation to remove it and maybe got to remove her uterus as whole. Should be grateful as she got insurances covered by her former company for the surgical fees in Singapore.

The Chinese New Year this year was boring and mood-less for me as I can't feel any festive fever around. The situation in Johor, mum's situation and raining weather causing me to stay indoor for most of the time. In fact, I was quite moody and down for the whole week. Luckily I got my family and friends company. Hang out with friends starting 1st February till the night before I return to UKM. Not much knew about this matter and I never once told anyone bout how I felt with all these. Had been to singing session with friends before CNY and with my family (sibling and cousins) during CNY. Been to lounge with friends too and was introduced with Strongbow, a kind of beer from England. Taste quite good and your opt to have a sip of it if have chance.

I had perfectly utilized all my times during CNY with family and friends. First day of CNY as usual we all went to gramps' to have our reunion meal cooked by my mum. This year, I force her to reduce some dishes so she can have some rest in the night before CNY. After, we went to my great uncle's house and had a small chat with my uncles there. This year however, I missed the trip to my aunt's house. In the night, I went to Eli's house for gambling session.Before set off, I had some discussion on Chinese history with my dad based on the movie shown in TV. I like this kinda of sensation and groove that I had with my parents this year.

At my friend's house, we had a big time together. Start the gambling session from approx. 9.20 p.m. and end at 3.00 a.m.. This was fanatic but it has been aged since we last gathered. Learned a few cards play during the session. Went for supper (breakfast?) straight after as we're all very hungry. Had a flashback chats on our memories in secondary school and hit back to our home at around 4.30 a.m.. Then at around 8 a.m. we set off to Bukit Mor, Muar. I catch a nap in the car too which usually I won't. Usually, I will chat with my dad to keep him sane and awake but I failed this time. Nevermind~

Reached JB at around 8 p.m. and had a quick rest until the singing session with my cousins. Maybe is due to the continuously schedule, I worn out on the third day waking up in the afternoon. In the night, I had baking session with my mum until about 1 a.m.. On forth day, I went to another friend's house for gambling session once again. This time, we even play "Fish, Prawn, Crab". It was so crazy!!! Then in the night, I had a small gathering with another bunch of friends to catch up before I returning UKM.

Set off from home at 10.30 a.m. and reaching safety at around 2.30 p.m.. I was lucky as the traffic was smooth. Had a cat nap and went for lecture. After lecture, I went for dinner at "Oldman" with my ex-roommate and friends.

I had no idea why, I never wanted to be left boring. I will surely find something to do or even hang out with friends for the whole day. I will study till I drop if I really can't find anything to do. Had no idea how this occur. On the 7th day of CNY, which is equivalent to "Human day"{人日 ren ri} , I went for celebration with another gang of friends. Sang (shout) crazily for 4 hours and went for dinner in Sg. Chua. Due to overloading customers but limited cooks, we waited for our dinner for about 1 and a half hours but end up each of us just need to pay about RM20 for both singing and dinner (RM8). The next day, I went to had movie with my friends again. We watched "I love Hong Kong". It was hilarious but was meaningful.
~Filial towards elderly
~The adhesiveness of a community
~Sacrifices for family and friends
~Brotherhood love
~People does change
~Experiences vs exterior
~The power of socializing and dare

Before the meal, we had our lunch (bunch for me) at Bar-B-Q plaza.

After movie, we went back and had our gathering. We brought a lot of cookies there to celebrate CNY. Ate all the delicious cookies just make me felt over the heaven. 

Thats all for the past week. Maybe tomorrow I will be having another gathering with festive cookies with different group of friends just to keep myself occupied again. Until then, au revoir! Bonne Nuit tout le monde!

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