Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today I will talk about Karma.

What do you understand about the word Karma? Karma is all about the entire cycle of"Cause and Effect".
There are peoples who were born imperfect or with disabilities. It is believe this is due to the entire cycle of Cause and effect. Our life is very interesting as we sow something that can only be harvested in our next life.

Today, appears that animal abusers was being posted and discuss or rather more specifically cursed in social network. What the abuser did was just accumulating his fertilizer for his "Cause". When time is up, the flower of sins will bloom beautifully and this will triggered bad "Effect" in his next life.

As per according to a story I heard, there was once an airplane tragedies years ago and somebody actually saw the dark flower blooming as aura from the head of all passengers and air attendances in the plane. Then after, he/she went down the plane before it departs. A moment later, the tragedies occur and it happens right before his/her eyes. This indicated the blooming of sins flower and was also indicated the end of one lifespan. Nobody knows how this happens and miraculously the man/woman was able to sense the differences and saved.

Sometimes, tragedies involving mast numbers of peoples happens every now and then. According to Buddhism, their they share the same time. They might be young, adults, elderly or even handicap but when your time is up, there's ain't anything that differentiate yourself from other. People share the same fate of cycle: Birth, Aged, Sick, Dying.

P/s: This is just based from collective memories of mine. Sorry if this offences or insult you. And I apologize for any error here.

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