Monday, May 09, 2011

Colleague's theory~ OMG!!!!! @@

Finally I'm now in my second week of my interns. Well, my colleagues are very kind and helpful. As usual, I am able to blend in to their world through different topics. Over there, I am officially classified as Question boy. Why? I have no idea why also. Maybe is due to my curiosity to know more on the topic I keen to. Some times, I never realize that I asked people questions which were so short but often left unexplained. Some were too technical to answer while some quite direct but there just no answers to the questions asked. I normally just ask "WHY?", "THEN?",  "WHAT?", "HOW?" and "WHICH?". Anyway, sometimes they even just ask me to stop asking them questions whenever I walk by. Haha~

And now here are some of the theories my colleagues said while referring to me:
~ With face that look like Korean, you should have lots of girls...
~ I don't believe your still single. Don't lie to me. With your look, u should be having few gf at a time!
~ Clever aka talkative guys have a lot of girlfriends
~ Curious people cares on girls a lot. So you should have at least 1 gf to care about!

Anyway, whatchya think? Suddenly I became a weird and love freak ady~ LOLZ

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