Sunday, May 22, 2011

Intern's progression (3 weeks)

Tomorrow will be the forth week of my internship. Well, I had truly adapted to this lab and its routine works. Processing samples, dividing samples, allocating samples to different departments, cleaning, maintenance, sending reports and more. Even though sometimes I'm still blur with those medical terms, I learnt quite a lot there. As we will be having Q&A sessions and discussion sessions together whenever we're free, there's still lots to be learn.

For the past two weeks, we have been discussing on enzymes and Hepatitis B Virus. Yeah, will soon discussing on menstrual enzymes and maybe another enzymes regarding medical fields.

At the same time, we got new company to work together. He's a biochemistry major in UM. As he's from second year, somehow he doesn't fit really good. He was too curious and like to know more. Well, that's a good thing but at the same time stubborn. He doesn't believe whatever we said and whatever we taught him. Sometimes, we need to REPEAT more than three to five times only he understand what we meant. He always ask about technical stuff and that's was based on experiences and not theory. I salute him for his curiosity and the will to learn more but at the same time he should learn to LISTEN and take notes. Well, he quite getting on my nerves and hell yea, I almost ranting at him at times. I really couldn't standing in his shoes as I am having the experiences that he doesn't in industrial nor in working life.

Anyway, I will try to remain cool and teach whatever we can. Hope starting tomorrow he will understand what we're doing actually and learn the way to work instead of just pulling the rope. Also, I felt apologetic to all the seniors there as I have been nagging and repeating back all those nerves stepping moment I felt to them  but somehow they does understand what actually happens.

That's all the past 2 weeks. Adius~

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