Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Friends ~ UKM

Finally, I had my final paper in my degree life. Sincerely, that paper was freaking hard for me though as I doesn't have any mood to study. I was preoccupied by thesis and VIVA. The journey was tough but I went through it with every bits of me. Making new friends and enlarging my circle.

The power of socializing proven when I was down or emotional, they were always there for me. Ever since first year, I got myself a small study circle. Encouraging and accompany each other while doing revision. Sharing woes together and dried our weeping tears. Specially thanks to Hui Lee, Yin Fong and Yi Qian for your help since I first step into this varsity. Still remember the times when we went down to cafe for dinner cum online cum revise and so on. Those were our most memorable memories. So many many event past by but in the end, we doesn't had a proper farewell dinner together.

Then went to society circle. On going from PT UKM to Pesta Konvo, I got myself some good buddies whose has accompanied me through all this regardless of joy or grief. All my ex- roommates, Lay How, Hon Yip, Shaofie and Chin Foo, thanks for accommodating me when we're staying together.

Next to college's friends. Staying in a college with everyone from different faculty, I got myself a chance to get known of friends from different faculty and regions. As we are compulsory to join activities in the college, I got myself some shopping and gossip partners. Also, this embarks the sincere and truthful friendships which last even till now. As I said, we all came from different background and places.This what dampen my emotions as all of us hardly have any chance to meet upon graduation. We may be from different parts of the country but eventually we shared some wonderful memories together.

Well, I did promise myself to make this a very very long post but in the end, this are all I can presented now... Until then~ bye

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